What is not included in the retreats?

– Lunch – Dinner* only if written as included
– Airport transfers
– Extra workshops, excursions or trips – Massage
– A full suit or a steamer needed for sup surfing on the ocean (wetsuits are included)
– Use of kitchen equipment outside of group activities

When do I pay my balance?

Your registration is final after payment, so we advise you to pay as quick as possible.

What do I need to bring with me?

Besides your personal belongings you should bring: sunscreen, sunblock for your face, beach towel, wetsuit (only during a sup retreat) and some warm clothes.

Is the food included as a part of my accommodation package?

Breakfast is included during the retreats. We normally have lunch at local restaurants near the spots we sup and practise yoga. In Wijk aan Zee the closest restaurant is a 1 minute walk from Mana Lodge and the restaurants on the beach are a 2 minutes walk. Some retreats contain dinner if written included.

Can I park my car for free?

Yes! There are plenty parking spots around for free.

What is the adress of Mana Lodge?

Sint Odulfstraat 2 in Wijk aan Zee.

Why sup and yoga?

For us sup and yoga have massive interfaces. Like waiting for the right wave feels like a meditation. It is like a form of ‘being’, staring at the water, and standing on your board. And if ‘your’ wave finally comes, you can do nothing else than surrender to the energy of the ocean. Every wave again, because every wave is different. And so we think it’s the same with yoga, every time you step on the yoga mat, you have a different experience. One time you experience more balance, other times you feel more flexible, or maybe not.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to share our love for sup, yoga, nature and soul to create more passion and pleasure. We want to empower and inspire you, show you the beautiful nature of Holland, share our interest for soul and spirit (Mana) and give you a wonderful vacation experience.

How many guests are in each retreat?

Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 guests.

What is the meaning of your logo?

Our symbol for Soulsupyoga is a variation of the lotus flower, which is used a lot in Hinduism en Buddhism, it is in these cultures that a sacred flower symbolizes purity, beauty, inner growth and the connection with the universe! This symbolic meaning is the ‘growth to enlightenment’ and will mainly come from the growth of the flower. The lotus flower nestles in the mud, under water then grows vigorously towards the light, where what will be revealed is a beautiful flower in the water. We believe that as a human being we can also live through this process, you can see the mud as ignorance and suffering and as you grow you become wiser and once the enlightenment is achieved, you will shine like that beautiful lotus flower!

Where can I get my lunch and dinner?

There are many restaurants and bars in Wijk aan Zee and on the beach. This is a list of our favorites: On top of the dunes with sea view: http://www.de-liefhebbers.nl On the beach: http://www.strandpaviljoendekust.nl/dekust On the beach: http://www.sunseabar.nl Across Mana Lodge: http://www.hotel-sonnevanck.nl At the pier: http://alohabeach.nl At the pier: https://www.timboektoe.org Italian restaurant in town: Relweg 5 More information about Wijk aan Zee here: http://www.tipwijkaanzee.nl