joost duivenvoorde

sup and surf coach &


I was born in April 1st 1972 and grew up in summertime with Peter on the beach and the ocean at Wijk aan Zee. My days were filled with windsurfing and playing in the waves. In 1988 I started surfing and in 2010 I bought my first sup and immediately got hooked. In 2012 I started my own company ‘Josup Stand Up Paddle School’. It started with a few boards, and the company has grown every year. Because of my family expansion I don’t have so many time any more for Josup SUP School, so joining the Soulsupyoga-team was an opportunity for me.


Supping and surfing are my passion and my life! I try to go in the water every day to ‘catch some waves’. I am also the driving force and maintenance man at the surfclub Hui Nalu, so I can inspire people to go surfing and supping. My friends can always try out my boards, in total I have 25 sups and 70 surfboards!


I used to actively compete on a professional level, my biggest performances were in 2011 when I was third in Europe in the 14” division, third on the dutch National Championship Longboard (Wave), third on the dutch National Championship SUP (Beach, Long distance) and first in the Sup11City (Teams, long distance). Nowadays I divide my time between my family, painting and supping & surfing, together with Peter I still compete in some races and we prefer to sup beach races.

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