our mission

Our mission is to share our love for sup, yoga, nature and soul to create more passion and pleasure. We want to empower and inspire you, show you the beautiful nature of Holland, share our interest for soul and spirit (Mana) and give you a wonderful vacation experience.

symbol & logo

Our symbol for Soulsupyoga is a variation of the lotus flower, which is used a lot in Hinduism en Buddhism, it is in these cultures that a sacred flower symbolizes purity, beauty, inner growth and the connection with the universe! This symbolic meaning is the ‘growth to enlightenment’ and will mainly come from the growth of the flower. The lotus flower nestles in the mud, under water then grows vigorously towards the light, where what will be revealed is a beautiful flower in the water. We believe that as a human being we can also live through this process, you can see the mud as ignorance and suffering and as you grow you become wiser and once the enlightenment is achieved, you will shine like that beautiful lotus flower!

why mana?

Mana is the Hawaiian word for soul, spirit and life energy, and we believe that this resides in the natural world as well as in people. Everything is alive: the sky and the sea and the land. Even the rocks are alive! To the Hawaiians and us, that aliveness – or Mana – is the greatest source of power. According to the concept of Mana, everything has a spirit form. By being with us in Mana Lodge you will increase your own Mana.

why sup and yoga?

For us sup and yoga have massive interfaces. Like waiting for the right wave feels like a meditation. It is like a form of ‘being’, staring at the water, and standing on your board. And if ‘your’ wave finally comes, you can do nothing else than surrender to the energy of the ocean. Every wave again, because every wave is different. And so we think it’s the same with yoga, every time you step on the yoga mat, you have a different experience. One time you experience more balance, other times you feel more flexible, or maybe not.