pauline van Mourik

founder, yoga teacher and

allround creative stylist

Pauline is a lover of life, likes to be on the beach and is really creative. "I grew up in Wijk aan Zee and fell in love with sup surfing, yoga and dancing. I try as much as possible to be outdoors in nature.

When I practiced yoga for the first time, I felt so good that I prefer to do it every day! That great feeling during and after yoga is what I would like you to experience! Since that first day, my trust, happiness and health has been greatly improved. I have traveled a lot through Southeast Asia to deepen my yoga practice and have visited various yoga retreats and schools for inspiration.


One year ago I started supping and I quickly became trained and addicted to sup. If the waves are right, I drop everything and hurry up to the beach for sup surfing. The waves teach me to ‘go with the flow’, no matter how big or hard they may look. Catching a wave while keeping in balance gives me the feeling of ultimate happiness and freedom.


Next to this I am an all-round creative at heart. I’ve have my own creative agency called Kokos doing interior, retail, photo styling and graphic (web) designing for several brands and people. With an eco-friendly attitude I try to create magical environments where people feel relaxed and inspired. You can see my website


Founding Soulsupyoga allows me to share my passion for not only yoga and sup, but also for life, nature, dance and creativity.


Would you like to join me for a yoga class? That is possible at 'De Harmonie Kapel' in Beverwijk!"