Sandra zappeij

yoga teacher

Sandra loves adventure and loves to move. If  you don't see her playing on her sufboard, she'll be moving around on her yogamat. For her, elements in surfing and yoga are interchangeable. Waiting for the right wave in the line up can feel like meditation. It is an expression of being, staring at the sea, sitting on your board. And when 'your' wave finally arrives you can do nothing else but surrender to the energy of the sea. Wave after wave, with every wave being different from the one before. This is what Sandra recognizes in stepping on the yoga mat. Every time you do that you have a different experience because of your inner waves in you inner sea. For example one day you experience more balance, while the other day it's all about finding flexibility.


What's beautiful about the sea is that it doesn't judge about how you ride your waves. This is also interchangeable with yoga Sandra says. 'In our dayly life we are so used to have an opinion about everything, especially about ourselves. Yoga shows you where you are, with yourself on that particular moment in time. Meditation and the physical movements of yoga help you to come in contact with your inner ocean, with al it's beauty.' Makng this journey together, each of us in our own inner ocean, that is what Sandra likes to offer in her flow classes.


Sandra teaches vinyasa flow, core flow, yin yang and restorative yoga.


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